About Rochester Classics

About Rochester Classics

Courtney Burns
Courtney Burns, creator of Rochester Classics
(and Leonard)

This website was created by Courtney Burns, a local real estate agent with a passion for vintage homes.

Prior to moving to Rochester, Courtney has lived in New York City, Washington DC and South Florida, where she has worked in high end interior design and internet marketing. On their first visit to Rochester, Courtney and her family were attracted by the beauty of the region, as well as the quality of life that it had to offer. Soon after, they decided to make it their new home.

One of the things that attracted Courtney to Rochester was the abundance of beautiful, turn of the century homes. So when she shifted her career to real estate, she decided to make that her speciality. Although she found an abundance of older homes, she did not find many local resources about buying, selling and restoring them, so RochesterClassics was born.

Beyond just helping clients with the purchase and sale of vintage homes, Courtney and her husband have bought and restored a number of their own. Through those experiences, she’s developed a keen sense of what’s possible and what’s not, and what will be a major expense versus a quick fix. She’s also able to leverage her interior design expertise to help seller clients show their home in its best light, and her marketing experience to help them maximize exposure for a quick sale at top dollar.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or just learn about Rochester’s vintage homes, Courtney and her team are happy to help. Please feel free to reach out any time.